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[TUTORIAL] Make Quick Pop Art.

On July 19, 2010

This tutorial will explain how to make a quick pop art piece.

1. Open your file you want to edit. Right-click over the layer of your picture and Duplicate Layer. I chose to keep the name as Eye Copy. Another way to duplicate the layer is to simply drag the layer down to the Create New Layer icon next to the trash bin.

2. Click the Eye on your original layer, this will hide it. Now on your duplicate layer go to Image>Adjustmants>Threshold.

3. Adjust the settings to however you like and press ok when you’re finished. Next select the Magic Wand tool or press “W”. Then click the background area. If some areas overlap areas you want to keep, press “Q” to go into quick mask mode, select Black as your foreground color and then press “B” for the Brush Tool and go over the areas you want to keep. Press “Q” to go back to Standard Mode and your selection should be perfect. Press delete to delete the background.

4. Next make a new layer and drag it below your black and white layer. This will be your background or backdrop. You can make it a solid color, a gradient color, or draw shapes all over.

That’s pretty much it and you’re done!

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