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On March 7, 2011

Well, I finally broke a 600 series last month! A 622 to be exact. 221, 198, 203 but the last few weeks, I haven’t been bowling as great as I’d like to. I shot a 578 but needed at least a 620 to advance to the District Finals for the AMF in-league tournament. I’m not so sure if I’ll try again next year or not. Especially since I’ll be in two AMF leagues probably next time. AMF tournament officials need to do a better job at validating averages from the get go and not after the fact. I’m all for re-rates, hell I was re-rated 10+ pins for the Center Finals but some people who had 180 averages were listed in the books but were in Division B? Kind of unfair to those under 179 bowlers who came close to top 6 to advance. Some people spend anywhere from $50-$150 just to qualify for Center Finals and District Finals. It’s a shame really. Of course it’s dominated by Male bowlers as well…I doubt there will be a female top 2 finish in the Finals.

On a brighter note, there have been some updates to my Thesis Project the Little Pastry Chef so be sure to check out what I’m doing at

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