The ONE Campaign!

Bowling, 3d and Top Chef Just Desserts!

On September 30, 2011

Bowling season has begun and we now finished our third week! I must say, I’ve been bowling pretty well since having summer break. I also had the Storm Marvel and Brunswick Wicked Siege drilled just before the season started. I must say, I absolutely love the layout and movement of the balls. The Wicked has the pin just above my ring finger and the CG located around my palm. The Marvel has the pin located above between both fingers with the CG in my palm. These balls are very controllable and have a predictable move. Unlike my Siege which rolls early and my Evil Siege which responds fast on the backend. Now I just need to polish up on my spare conversions which have really hurt quite a few games.

League #1:

Week 1 Series 592

  • 169
  • 164
  • 259

Week 2 Series 513

  • 188
  • 175
  • 150

Week 3 Series 595

  • 204
  • 178
  • 213

League #2:

Week 1 Series 539

  • 182
  • 155
  • 202

Week 2 Series 605

  • 212
  • 202
  • 191

Week 3 Series 547

  • 160
  • 173
  • 214

Onto other things, Top Chef Just Desserts on Wednesday was crazy! Mashed Potatoes and Gravy…but I think Sally should have won. I think they gave it away to Matthew though since she won Back-to-Back quickfire challenges. What do you think?

Also, if you have time, please check out what I’m up to on the Little Pastry Chef!

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