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Summer League….what else..?

On May 12, 2012

So, I was forced into joining a Summer Bowling League last minute. How last minute? Within hours of the league starting >:( The upside, I posted a 636 series. 203, 198 and 235. So not such a bad start for a 17 week league. At the end of the season, the top 4 teams get to go to Reno for a fun tournament. That’ll be fun if we can actually win some points! 😀 I’ve put Turbo 2-N-1 Grips Quad 2 Finger Inserts into my Siege & Wicked Siege. I’ve also put tape on the inside of my thumb hole for the back of my thumb. I had an issue with slipping out of the ball and practically dropping it. So for a snug fit, I stuck two tapes in the Siege and one in the Wicked Siege. Now I’m not worried about dropping the ball and the fit is nice. Before when I tried to play way left (left foot first dot), I would slip out of the ball a bit which can cause you to squeeze the ball and I hate that. 8 weeks ago, before the Fall league ended, I shot a 280 game. Strike in the 1st, 2nd frame I left a 6 pin, spared up and struck out 10 in a row. Finished with a 204 and 179 for a 663 series. The lane broke down horribly during the 3rd game. I think if I keep up this pace, I will be able to consistently increase my average to 190+.

Other thoughts, still updating and fixing my website. Cleaning up the links, fixing the formatting. The theme design is not bloated which is great. I like minimalism. It’s opposite of my previous website design and in a way symbolizes growth. As the last semester of my Graduate Studies come to an end, I will be focusing on new models for my demo reel(s). Receiving my Master of Fine Arts Degree is definitely a milestone in my life that wasn’t easy at times. It took a lot of self discipline and encouragement from others to get this far. Now comes the process of seeking the next step and opportunities.

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