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On August 23, 2012

I have entered a few models into the Cubify Challenge to win a Cube 3d printer! I will be entering more models but so far I’ve only optimized my Gramps and Dog characters to be submitted to the challenge.

IF I could win this 3d printer, it would really be the stepping stone for many of the ideas that I have. One being a prosthetic for my dogs rear leg paw that would allow more stability for him to walk since his tendon was slashed. Although he had surgery and it is repaired, he suffers from nerve damage and doesn’t have control of those tendons to flex properly which causes his rear leg paw to be flat footed (best way to describe it). Being one of the main legs for running, he can’t be allowed to run on hard surfaces outside or else his paw pad will bleed from the improper pad alignment to the ground.

I have many other future projects that would benefit from 3d printing technology but this is one that is at the top of my list! So I hope I can win a Cube from Cubify! I had first seen their printer online while they were at CES but having since seen them live at Siggraph, it is surely a great little printer with good quality for what I want to do.

Screenshot Entry into the Cubify Challenge

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