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I’m a Finalist in the Cubify Challenge! (Updated)

On September 13, 2012

One of my submissions was lucky enough to be liked by the Judges panel! Unfortunately, neither my Gramps or the Dog characters were picked. However, they did choose my Bracelet Design that I created in 3ds Max! As an added bonus to the competition, the awesome people at Cubify have created a Community Choice Award! Voting ends on 9/17/2012 and the winner will receive a Cube 3D printer! The judges have still yet to announce who they chose as the winner but that means there will be 2 Cube 3D Printers being given away! Runners up will be given a copy of Cubify Invent software. I think that’s just awesome and it’s a great competition.

To Vote for my design, please visit this link on Facebook and click on ‘LIKE’ to Vote for my Design to WIN the Community Choice Award! Your support is greatly appreciated and it would mean a lot to win a 3D Printer! It seems to be a rarity that an artist can get a 3D Printer due to the cost of obtaining one. If I win one, I’ll be sure to create some amazing things with it!

Design entered in the Cubify Challenge.


Well, it was an uphill battle to get the most votes for the Community Choice Award. Cubify didn’t state the end time so logically I thought it would be Eastern Standard Time since the company was based in SC. I guess they just opened an office in San Francisco so they went on that time instead. Had I known that, I could’ve told everyone else that as well but only the day was written in the rules so that’s what I told everyone as well. Oh well, I don’t mind being the underdog! I also wasn’t picked for the Judges Choice Award either so they’ve named the rest of us as runner-ups. Congratulations to the winners! Too bad we weren’t offered at least a print of our submission or a discounted printer. I honestly have no clue what I will do with their Cubify Invent software since I use other 3D packages already.

As much as I want and need a 3d Printer, it probably was for the best. In the end, I would be investing a lot of money into a cartridge based system and when there’s other 3d Printing solutions out there like Solidoodle or MakerBot, it doesn’t seem like the smart choice to go with the Cube from 3DSystems. Plus, the other options offer a larger printing area which is a plus for what I want to do. Still, it will be a little while before I can get a 3d Printer. The Cubify Challenge was an interesting experience and I hope that future contests will be better structured.

A sincere thank you to everyone who supported me through this competition and all of my spamming. Everyone really came together to get me votes, especially up until the end where I was down 100+ votes and then up 20+ votes. In the end, I lost to about 35 votes. It’s been brought to my attention though, that these kinds of contests are actually against the terms of service on Facebook and require the contest holder to use an app based way to hold such a competition. I guess it’s to increase security.

In the mean time, I might get some prototypes made using a service like Shapeways to get some of my projects off the ground until I get a 3d Printer.

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