The ONE Campaign!

I LIVE in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I AM passionate about 3d. I love many different genres of art. From the blood/gore to the cute/fluffy and everything in between! I would be happy to make 3d models every day!

I AM a builder at heart. I enjoy learning how things are made and how they work. As a Modeler, I like to visualize how all the pieces will fit or form together.

MY BACKGROUND has been in web, multimedia & graphic design since 1996. When I was first introduced to 3D, I really didn’t enjoy it. After countless of hours trying to understand it, I had that ‘AHA!’ kind of moment and have been in love with 3D ever since. 3D Printing is what has fueled my creative passion lately as well as other 3D Technologies like 3D Scanning. Of course I still make time for creating in 2D. I find that in designing or creating anything, many skills whether traditional, 2D or 3D, intertwine or constantly overlap.

I HAVE a strong interest in helping, teaching and sharing what I know with others.

I HAVE attended Siggraph 2003 (San Diego), 2005 (Los Angeles), 2006 (Boston), 2007 (San Diego), 2010 (Los Angeles) and 2012 (Los Angeles) which is an industry yearly event for computer graphics and interactive techniques. Other industry events that I have attended are Photoshop World 2006, E for All Expo 2007 & 2008, Mac World 2009, and CES 2009. Since becoming a part of the 3d printing community, I have attended Maker Faire Bay Area 2013, exhibited at Maker Faire Bay Area 2014 for Artec Group/Sculpteo, exhibited at TEDxMarin 2014 for Sculpteo, exhibited at Inside 3D Printing 2014 in Santa Clara for Sculpteo and gave a workshop on Reshaping Manufacturing.

I BELIEVE that as an Artist, I am a lifetime student and will always try to improve my art. My dedication is what has helped me to continuously become a better artist over the years.

I AM also a bowler and love Shar-Pei!